Wanting to buy John Deere 7810. Potiential problem

Wanting to buy John Deere 7810. Potiential problem Problems

I am looking to buy a John Deere 7810, it has 4500 hours on it and an 18 speed powershift. Looks and runs good, are there any issues noted with these tractors. My brother-in-law has a 7510 that had a blown head gasket and his shirt ripped at 5,000 hours, would this be a potential problem?

I have a JD 7810 with 12000 hours of use, I have never touched the engine except for oil changes and the Powerquad transmission system rebuild at 10,000 hours.

 John Deere 7810. Potiential problem

The 77 and John Deere 7810 were two of the best models John Deere has ever built, so I’d say go for it. They had a 19 speed Poweshift, not 18 as far as I know.

There was a larger engine derated in the previous JD 7810. later run had appeared smaller eng I think ours has an 8.1l and the other was a 7. … ours has an ivt, (but like the 19ps too) no major problems (replaced hyd pump). strip baler, bale car, mixer car, pulverizer, combine, 32ft airdrill, harrows, has a 741loader (much better loader tractor then 20 or 30series), 42 “rubber. This will be a difficult tractor to replace, but it should be a while before we have to just 4500hrs and replacing our 7420.

It would be hard to go wrong with a JD 7810. Some early IVT’s had compatibility issues with the case that didn’t match the transmission casings and that usually came out before 4000hrs. As far as I know the powershift is very good.

These tractors will likely go down in history as one of the top five tractors ever produced. (You know the club; MF135, JD 4020 etc.)

Had to replace the CCU at 4200 hours, it was faulty causing the power shift to go out of gear frequently. I’ve also had a couple of injector bodies develop a crack at about 4500 hours, causing fuel to spray everywhere. Possibly a defect in the metal like both injectors cracked in a perfectly straight line in the same place. The diesel service center had never seen or heard of this happening before so maybe just a bad batch of injectors.

You also have to be careful with the cab mounts and the plastic coolant reservoir that mounts to the top right of the radiator. It rubs and gets holes. The local dealership had one in stock and told me it was a common occurrence. It is expensive for what it is.
Good driving of the tractor, mainly used in the sprayer, the 3 ton urea spreader and the chaser container. A little thirsty in light work IMO, but reasonable hard working economy.
My 7810 costs a lot more than my Case 7230 in repairs. (6,100 hours almost all pulling barely) More pleasant to drive, but $ talks so I would be reluctant to buy another JD

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