John Deere 7810 what are the draw backs of buying one of these

John Deere 7810 what are the draw backs of buying one of these Problems

I am thinking of buying a John Deere 7810. JD tractors get them from Europe, what are the downsides of buying one of these.

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John Deere 7810 what are the draw backs

In my opinion, the biggest drawback is the same as buying anything you don’t know the history of. You have no idea what kind of use it has had and what kind of maintenance it has been done. If you’re buying without a warranty, you have to buy cheap enough to justify a major repair. The next consideration would be that the European models are not exactly like their American counterparts.

There are some variations in equipment that could cause problems. Different items sometimes have parts that are not readily available in the United States. The steering rods and hitches may be different. Sometimes they have parking brakes in addition to the normal ones we see here. The lighting equipment is usually different, although it would be easy to find parts to adapt it.

WAITING!!! Don’t buy from JB tractors unless you personally go there and see the machine itself. I had a terrible experience there.

So it starts like this. I was talking to the owner for a few months about his tractors, he was also interested in a fuel efficient John Deere 7810 with 3650hr. I got a bunch of extra photos, and a couple of videos, and the tractor was guaranteed to be 100%, all set to go, super fit. He said that all of his tractors are 100%, excellent shape. and it was seen in the photos and videos. So my dad and I bought it from there (Minnesoda) to Nova Scotia. He came. this is where the story gets “good”

the front fenders were loose, bolts hand-tightened. exhaust chimney was loose, turbo clamp loose, hood ripped in several places, seat loose / worn, engine harness tattered and dirty / greasy. I thought, okay, I can live with this if the rest of the tractor is okay. I drove it a bit, steam was coming out of the crankcase breather and the transmission had a lazy 1-2 gear. I left the tractor overnight to see if there was water in the engine oil.

There was like a cup of coolant when I pulled the cap the next morning! furthermore, the front of the engine had 2 loose bolts and was leaking oil. I called and asked about the warranty. we arranged for my local JD shop to do the repair.

It was the internal gasket of the water pump (gear pump). The water pump had been previously disassembled and the impeller had been welded to the shaft (maybe that’s why it’s called JB tractors!). it came loose, so not only was there water in the oil, but no coolant was circulating. So the mechanic said, “I’ve removed the crankcase, do you want me to check the main and connecting rod bearings? I said yes. They were worn, it looked like they had 10-15000 hours on them. He replaced them. The bill was $ 4000. the head had been off the engine in the past as well. not too common on a 3600hr 8.1 powertech. All mechanics in the shop agreed that this looked to be at least 10,000hrs. it just looked good on the outside.

Then I wanted to cover up the lazy change, I said to take out the suction screen of the trans to start. It was stuffed full of clutch lining material from the powerquad! and brake material (forgot to mention that the brakes dragged) so it also needed a rebuild of the powerquad and brakes. Bas wasn’t sure the warranty would cover that now that it would cost so much. Then the air conditioning and heating didn’t work either. Finally the JD technician found the problem. The evaporator / heat exchanger, the unit under the seat … was missing! and the 2 refrigerant lines that normally come into it were linked with an elbow. And the air conditioning lines were open and only Dangeling there.

Now I am an easy-to-wear guy, but this whistled me a lot. I was supposed to return the money. It was not going to happen. Finally, after 2 months of innumerable calls and frustrating nights and without sleep, Bas agreed to take the lemon 7810 again for another tractor of him. So this time I flew down and personally checked the tractor that I wanted to exchange. I found an original original ever painted and covered over 7710. Some of the tractors of him were pretty. Some were obviously covered and made to look good with new paint and tires.

Bas was a very nice guy when I met him in person. He has a good business, and most of the guilt of all this has his technician who revised this thing before he went to the distant New Scotland. He should never be sold like that. It was only worth $ 30,000 as it was, not $ 70,000. But we finally did it get a good tractor, but he had to pay half of the engine repair bill and half shipping. Once we knew about the transmission you need to rebuild and the AC thing completely gone, we stop spending money. The 30/30 warranty was not true. I had to pay 1/2.

In a tractor of $ 70,000 to have these problems, we should have paid anything for the guarantee. I probably would buy another tractor there if it were and reviewed it carefully myself, but that’s just because I like the 7710/7810 and there are very few in the sea with few hours.

The 7710 we have is really a good tractor, even the water pump was in it too. I know it’s a weak point in these tractors, but the rest is super strong. It was clearly taken care of, and both my father and I really enjoyed it. So there is my story. I still give thanks to God for having allowed us to get rid of that error of 7810. We should have dropped first! I would never have bought that JD 7810, I realized the defects immediately, but the photos and the videos can not be said the difference. Good luck with your decision.

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