John Deere 7810 to a 7820 will I regret

John Deere 7810 to a 7820 will I regret Problems

I’m thinking of upgrading, but after seeing the 20 series and all the buttons I’m wondering if I should. I’d be making 10-20 horsepower, I’ll be able to spin a lot more in 30-inch rows, and Hyd’s output is better. Now, is the 20 series as reliable as the 10 series? Has anyone had a problem with the 20 series?

By the way this has 1000 hours, range a, b, c, d, e with an inverter. I like the fact that this John Deere 7810 still has the levers to operate the remote. aunt / cotton

John Deere 7810 vs 7820

I have never owned a series 20. I have owned several Deeres from series 00 and 10. When series 30 came out, our JD salesperson made the following comment (as I recall):

“I’m glad they didn’t swap their 10 series for the 20 series. The 20 series was the most troublesome tractor I’ve ever sold. But they’ve already fixed all the 30 series problems ….”

Next, he went through the list of people who had changed and told me that they all wished they had series 10 again. He had a list in his office with all their names and the times his 20 series tractors had been in the shop.

I have never had any of the 10 series in the shop. I’d stick with the 7810. Ours had an excellent turning radius (you have to adjust the front wheels and bumpers). The hydraulics were missing, but I took a CIH tractor to drive our planter (CIH 1200).

We have a 7520mfwd that has around 700 hours on it, in about two and a half years. No problem so far. We went from a 4430 to a 7520 and it performs better than the 4430. A great tractor we used it for.

I have a 7810 from 2005 and it has about 5700 hours and I have not had any problems. It has a lot more pulling power than the 4640 I had. I put a chip on it and uploading it with the same implement burns about 1 gallon per hour less than if I left it in good condition. Great tractor.

We have a 7820 for 4 years (1200hrs), 20 speed power quad, reversible to the left, big Michelin Agribib tires with duels. I don’t think you’ll ever regret switching to a 7820. I just spent three days helping a neighbor drive his John Deere 7810 and couldn’t believe the difference. In terms of power, the difference is minimal, but in terms of comfort and performance, there is no comparison with our 7820.

I am very happy that I bought the new 7820 instead of a used JD 7810. We only had one problem with ours, which was an oil leak around the PTO that was fixed under warranty. You cannot compare the John Deere 7020 series with the 7820 or 7920.

We know many small tractor owners who are not 100% happy with them and I have used a 7420 and did not like it at all. (just my opinion) In conclusion. 1ST -The 8.1 liter engine is excellent and can be chipped if you need more HP. 2nd. The handling and comfort alone is enough to do the trade. 3rd – Everyone I know with a 7820 has had little or no problem with them and are very happy with them.

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