John Deere 7810 powershift vs powerquad

John Deere 7810 powershift vs powerquad Problems

Opinions on powershift vs powerquad transmissions. John Deere 7810

Mine is the powershift, 5,000 hours, just one solenoid replaced, very satisfied. Whatever your choice, make sure you have an investor, mine does not, therefore a big regret.

My dad has a powershift Jonh Deere 7810. I hate it as much as his 8100 and 8300. He traded in a 7800 for the 10 series just for the change and it’s only slightly better. Going in or out of 17 you better hang on. I found the best way to shift from 17 to 16 is to pull the throttle back so the load is pushing the tractor and then shift. Then the tires slide so they don’t push me towards the steering wheel.

Ok it’s not that bad but it shakes pretty hard. I know a lot of guys who have those JD 7800/10 powershifts and they love them but I’m not one of them. I’m also not a Deere hater. I have a 4020 and I had a 4560 and was looking for a 4440/50/55 earlier this year, but I will not consider a 7-8000 series. I will go for New Holland or Cat or Magnum if I am looking for a newer one.

John Deere 7810 powershift

If possible, get a powerquad. I have a 7800 with the ps, and previously I had a 7710 with the powerquad. The powerquad is more efficient, and in my opinion faster and more manageable, as well as probably less expensive to buy. I’m not a big fan of just any powershift although I have two powershift tractors.

I have operated many 6 and 7000 series with powershift and love them. The only powershifts that I have driven from this series have been when I have worked on them, not in the field, but driving around the yard they seem to jump as can be. The PowerQuad is extremely smooth and will last for a long time.

The JD 7810 we have on the farm now has nearly 14,000 hours on it and the Hispanics who operate it haven’t been able to destroy it yet. In my opinion, the 55 series was the best Powershift Deere ever made.

I find it difficult to vouch for the Power Quad transmission. I have only driven a powershift 7810 for a short period of time. It seemed to change well. I doubt that a person could have that many problems with an 8000 series powershift unless it is a 93-95 model.

We had a 7810 with a powerquad and if you’re only going to use it for field work it’s probably not the transmission for you. The C range was too fast for most field operations to allow for any downshifting at the extremes, while the B range had to run full throttle to get the speed it belonged to.

Pulling a grain cart with him, we had to constantly cross the ranges. Dump in range C and then jump to range D to go to the truck or get another machine. What a headache. If you are going to use a loader, they are the best (with the exception of the IVT, of course), but I would look for something with a gearshift or IVT for field work.

I have a 7810 power quad with inverter on the right. The gearshift is very smooth. My complaint is that the reverse gear is too fast. If I’m not mistaken, in the early ’00’ series instead of having a forward / reverse lever they had a single lever for forward 1-4 and reverse 1-4 with adjustable stops.

Seems to me to be a more accommodating setup with one less lever to get confused. When I’m always backing up in the field or barn yard, I’m constantly shifting from 3rd or 4th forward to 1st or 2nd backward, in addition to having to move the forward / reverse lever. Oh, the agony! considering my grandfather had to walk behind a horse all day

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