John Deere 7810 powershift problems

John Deere 7810 powershift problems Problems

I have a John Deere 7810 with a powershift transmission. But I have a problem with the transmission. When you want to change the tractor is slow and stops. After a few seconds it works again but the change is very poor. I think the problem is mechanical and I have removed the transmission and repaired it. All the discs, springs and the pump were replaced.

After the repair I tried to calibrate it but there were errors. C3F and B4S. There is no difference in changes before and after repair. When the tractor works, the oil temperature is above 70-80 degrees. Please help me, the tractor is very powerful and I don’t want to sell it.

John Deere 7810 powershift

Thanks for acknowledging me BUT my knowledge of the 19 speed JD 7810 Powershift is limited to what I have heard and read on the internet. My neighbor changed a JD tractor with 19 speed PS due to the local dealers not being able to get the trans to work properly. I feel sorry for antonbuhov’s trans problems.

The C3F error means that the c3 clutch engages too fast and with too little pressure. A faulty shift solenoid could be the culprit, or an internal transmission problem like an incorrect number of discs installed, a stuck piston, or warped discs. The B4S error means that B4 (reverse) is engaging very slowly.

Possible causes are a faulty solenoid or no voltage to the solenoid, too few discs installed in the B4 brake pack, a leak in the circuit somewhere, or other possibilities. The 19-speed transmission is quite a complex transmission. Hopefully whoever assembled it has a manual to make sure it has been assembled correctly.

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