John Deere 7810 Autopower

John Deere 7810 Autopower Problems

Does anyone have one or have they used John Deere 7810 Autopower? Are they reliable? Is it the same transmission as a 7920? I have found a nice one but am a little nervous about the transmission. Any opinion is appreciated.

Had a 7710 ap 52 plate
They were Waterloo built machines, not sure about 20ap series, sorry I sold the 8: 1 liter engine had serious low torque

I took it from 4000 hours to 6000 hours with no issues.
I think the 7 series is different than some of the ones that had problems as they were built by Waterloo.

I knew they had the 6010 series with them but they were weird too.

JD 7810 Autopower

Once I drove a 6920 I think it was autopowr it was weird to have all the controls in the armrest and nothing in the wheel arch.

Yes very rare I think only the 6910 and possibly the 6810 were an option had the first series 6920s complete specifications 4 of them command arm autopwer etc. They all broke down dramatically, ending our relationship with John Deere – not the dealer’s fault, but the product itself.

We had the first series, I think we had a demo in year 03 and I think before that it was still the old favorite square shaped 818s, the vario 700 series was out but when we looked it would be the old favorite 800 with the semi shift -potential was only available? It had the straight grille not like the original 700 with the split grille hood. They changed the grille on the 700s when they put TMS on them. We already had 2 926s more recently not the new original favorite in 01 I think it made sense to totally move the fleet to fendt. We don’t have any now, just that they got dumb and expensive in the last few years.

The original ap unit was available from the 6410 onwards, almost all the original units will have been replaced by now though I think. They suffered with a problem with the BG clutch losing pressure and every now and then the snap ring would blow either the front or reverse clutch. Even some of the early 20 series suffered from the same problems, including the burning c2 clutch. All Series 6s are ZF units.

The JD 7810 series onwards are jd’s own ap units and perform very differently than the ZF until it has 4 speed clutches and a brake. The jd ap unit only has a high and low end clutch / brake, and they suffered from the low speed clutch burning out and the plates breaking. There was also a problem on the 7020 series hydroelectric unit that broke a paper clip and splines on the inside of a shaft, a gear made contact with the housing and filled the rear end with filings.

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