John Deere 7810 40k full power shift opinions please

John Deere 7810 40k Problems

I have seen a low power John Deere 7810 advertised with a full power gearbox. I was wondering what people’s opinions are on the gearbox … it will be mainly used for heavy duty tanker transport on hilly roads etc.

These transmissions are best suited for use in the field. I had a 4050 in the past and the full gearshift was a headache on the road.

As long as you have software updates and benefit from calibration after every oil change, they are perfect. The speed matches and is still better than some of today’s semi-potential gearboxes.

John Deere 7800

It is a 1997 tractor, while the price is important to get the right tractor is more important thanks for the answers you will keep looking.

I bought a 1995 one with 800hrs on it for £ 32k as my first tractor after college and never used it. I only keep it for basic reasons now. About 30 hours a year.

I drove a JD 7810 powershift and loved it – I found it easier to use on the road than the 6800 power quad we had at the time, the old school gearshift.

These tractors are increasingly difficult to value. They seem weird but in the last 2 weeks I have been offered several JD 7810s but I have no idea how to rate them. For example yesterday they offered me a pair of 7810s. One from 2000 and the other from 2002, both with power of 40kph, 4200hrs, TLS and 60% + tires, both immaculate, the seller wants £ 31k each for them. I can’t help but think this is too expensive to transport and add the warranty and a modest margin. But to save them could be a good investment?

It may be worth that money to some, but you can’t see the values ​​that increase ammounts.makes huge sense for the farmer to buy and use, but young drivers don’t want to use them as too old and not enough toys.i love my John Deere 7810, but also enjoy time on my newer 6620.the beauty of old tractors is zero depreciation.

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