John Deere 7800-7810

John Deere 7800-7810 Problems

Can you get 200 horses safely out of a John Deere 7810 or 7800? They all seem to be advertised in that 150-170 range.

We had a JD 7800 that ran with 205hp. We advanced the timing, changed the injectors, and added a ton of weight. We pulled a set of 750 drills with it, a 28ft disc, and a 30ft cultimulcher. The problem we had was that the tractor was always 2 bars from red on the temperature gauge. He did it before and after we tuned it. It didn’t matter what I was doing with it, it’s just the way Deere set it up.

The only problem we had was that the exhaust temperature got too hot one day and ruined the exhaust pipe prematurely. This happened when we were dissecting a spring when it was very hot. We were dragging the engine a bit. After that, we were VERY careful running it. So to make a long story short, the engine can handle it, but you really need the intercooler to help cool that amount of HP.

John Deere 7810

I have an early JD 7800, this spring it was on inspection, and I had to put the power bank on it, its on 220 and it has been since I bought it new 10 years ago … no problems

You shouldn’t have any problems at all with any of those IMHO jobs.
I would go with the JD 7810 however it has the 8.1L engine and is more than enough at 200hp even though it is not intercooled.
I had one that I chipped and it was around 225hp, with no problems ever with overheating.

If you find a John Deere 7810 with autoquad, they had the electrical management of the engine similar to any 8000. With this model you can put a chip and continue driving.
I used a Blixton II and it worked like a charm.

I had Michelin tires and had no problem bringing the power to the ground, nor did I weigh down.
It had double rear 18.4 / R42 and 14.9 / R30 front.
I had a friend with the same size rubber but in Firestone, and there is no comparison in performance between the 2.

Get the Michelin if you want to use the power on this size tractor.

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