John Deere 7710-7810 Problems

John Deere 7710-7810 Problems Problems

I could do with a bigger tractor for road work, lumber movement and skidders / counters etc and remove fancy a John Deere 7810 with the idea of ​​its big enough not to break and lots of torque for a larger 8-liter engine.

I use old fords that are painfully slow and heavy to use on long shifts.

I have used 2650 and 6600 deeres and loved them instantly but never been there to see them have problems

Has anyone had trouble with a larger 10 series or what other tractors are up to the task?

The John Deers 7810 Series are brilliant, almost bomb-proof tractors.
I see a lot of them still and the second hand value is still high, which says a lot.
That being said, I would recommend bringing an agricultural mechanic, it may cost 50-60 pounds but it will be worth it in the long run.

John Deere 7810

I used to work on an ag contractor who had 6 of them 4 7710 and 2 7810 they were fantastic lots of power and not over complecated like they are now with trying to keep emissions down.but like j below says take a mechanic with you

Legendary and already classic tractors JD 7810, expect to pay for one, however imo the previous little ones without the electronic throttles was a bit better, I think they changed in 2002. For a good one with reasonable tls and hours expect to pay more than 25k but it will be a good investment if you take care.

I have a spell on a 7900 in the late 90s. Lots of strength, but it was very light up front and scary on the road. I remember doing a wheelie on the highway with a 4-legged subfloor.
I think it had to do with the engine mounted at the end of the cab rather than further on.
Yes, it had weights in the front at the time.

John Deere 7810 is a superior tractor spent a season of manure spreading in a powerhouse of absolute pleasure galore. He carried quite a bit of straw pulling a forty foot articulated trailer and figured he held up well on the road with fifty square rounds behind. I would buy one in an instant

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