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The John Deere 7010 series requires little introduction, being widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best John Deere series ever designed, while many owners, drivers, and enthusiasts would argue that it is one of the best tractors of all the times. John Deere 7810 – possibly one of the best tractors ever.

Being a benchmark for other manufacturers, the series remains hugely popular with Irish contractors and farmers, providing owners with a high-powered tractor in a relatively compact chassis.

Manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa, from late 1996 to 2003, the 7010 series incorporated John Deere’s full chassis design and replaced the 7000 series.

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John Deere 7810 SiC v2.1 for FS19

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John Deere’s legendary 8.1-liter PowerTech engine provides the power and unmistakable soundtrack of the 7810.

With 175hp of power, and an increase in power to 196hp, many 7810s have far exceeded the 200hp mark.

Later 2003 models are equipped with a version of the same engine powered by common rails to meet emission standards.

Originally, there were two transmissions available: the proven PowerQuad with optional clutchless shuttle and the less common PowerShift.

Transmission options were further improved with the AutoQuad II, where all 4 ranges were moved to the button-operated main gear stick & ndash; manual or automatic & ndash; with speed adaptation functions. The AutoPowr brought the CVT to the series and both new transmissions had an electronically controlled power boost function based on engine load and were available as 40kph or 50kph options. To more detail see user manual.

Due to its compact design, some owners argue that the 7810 can be difficult to work with mechanically and it is common for the exhaust system to crack due to its tight position in front of the cab. An alternative option is to redirect the exhaust up through the hood.

The TechCentre’s cab is similar to that of previous 7000 and 6000 Series tractors, with minor improvements, and is a favorite with operators.

Although not the largest cabin, the steering column and generous seat provide excellent levels of adjustment to achieve the optimal driving position.

A high driving position and a logical layout of the controls make the working day a pleasant one, with a TLS front suspension that adds additional comfort.

John Deere produced its model 7810 farm tractor from 1997 to 2003 in the United States with a standard cab.

Speaking of dimensions and weight, this model weighs 12,352 pounds or 5,602 kg at, 187 inches [ 474 cm] in length and 118.5 inches [300 cm] in height while maintaining a 110.2 inch [279 cm] wheelbase while the rear tread is 60 to 85.7 inches.

This tractor can fit 11 ag tires. This John Deere 7810 is powered by a diesel engine that has 496 ci or 8.1 L 6 cylinders, can produce 175 hp or 130.5 kW at 2100 (rpm), and has torque of 579 lb-ft or 785. 1 Nm at 1400 (rpm) the fuel tank capacity is 71.5 gallons or 270.6 L.

This machine has 4×2 2WD wheel drive system wheels, 20 forward and reverse John Deere PowrQuad transmission system.

The John Deere 7810 is a row crop tractor. It has a 160 horsepower engine, and it comes in both 2 wheel drive or MFWD models. This is a very popular unit with feed and livestock farms as it is ideal for feed carts and mowing. In addition, farmers also appreciate it, since it is good to operate planting, tillage and small-sized cultivation equipment.

The John Deere 7810 is a 7WD / 4WD row streak tractor of the 7010 series. This tractor was manufactured by John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. from 1997 to 2003. The JD 7810 is equipped with a Six-cylinder diesel engine of 8.1 L and four variants of the transmission.

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The culture tractor in rows JD 7810 uses the John Deere PowerTech engine. It is a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and 8.1 L, 8,128 cm 2 (496.0 cu-in) with 116.0 mm (4,57 in) of cylinder diameter and 129.0 mm (5, 08 in) piston race. The compression ratio is 16.5: 1. This engine produces 177.5 HP (130.5 kW, 175.0 HP) at 2,100 RPM of output power and 785.0 nm (80 kg-M, 578.5 ft-lb) at 1,400 rpm of torque.

The John Deere 7810 is equipped with assisted direction, hydraulic wet disc brakes and a fuel tank of 270.6 liters (71.5 gallons US, 59.5 gallons Imp.) For the ROPS version or 344.4 liters (91.0 gallons US, 75.8 gallons Imp.) For the cabin version.

The John Deere 7810, in which our Schuco model has been inspired, is a heavy tractor with a maximum allowed weight of 11 tons.
It was manufactured between 1997 and 2003. Conceived by the John Deere engineers for the heaviest land off the road, the 7810 is very popular and
It is still very used more than 15 years after the vehicle was stopped.

Equipped with a powerful motor, this 7810 pq machine can provide 129KW or 172 horsepower for the 4×4 tractor. This John Deere 4WD tractor belongs to the largest segment of machines in the 4WD tractor category.

The 7810 pq is manufactured and distributed with air conditioning and cabin. It does not include the front outlet, the front hydraulic system and the air brakes. There are more detailed specifications and descriptions of the machine available on the original data sheet of John Deere 7810 pq.

This model can be acquired by a list price between € 80000 and € 102000. The production of 7810 pq was stopped in 2003. For more detailed information on current prices and residual values


I have a John Deere 7810 tractor with 4500 hours and I have not had more than problems with him. It is always in the workshop. I can start it but the lights on the board do not turn on and the tractor does not move when I put it on.

The hydraulic system works but the strength not. I know it’s an electrical problem because when the board lights up the tractor it works. It has a transmission of power change that is nice when I throw from my Krone package.

The local dealer has replaced computer components and switches, which fixes it a bit … but it does the same every year. As you all know those computer components are expensive just like labor. I do not want to spend more money in this trash. Has anyone had the same problems?

I’m thinking about buying a JD 4755 or maybe change completely and buy another brand. This tractor is starting to cost too much. What do you think?

I’m sorry to hear your electrical problems, I have a 7810 and I have very few problems with him. If you are tired of him and you do not want to invest more money on him, I understand perfectly that feeling. I hate electrical problems, nothing more than Gremlins in need of anger management class. You can find a different mechanic to look at it (different eyes with a different theory point of view), sell it, or change it. 7800 still bring good money, even if it is in need of repair.

A 4755 is also a great tractor with more power than the 7800 but with an older cabin (although with better air conditioning) but it is increasingly difficult to find a good one. If you change it, it will also cost you more money but you will get rid of your problem, you will free you from your frustration and you will have a newer team with a new payment book. It is a difficult decision, but look at the problems of reliability, downtime is not cheap or for you or your customers.

Thanks guys for your contribution. I have quoted some used tractors and are not cheap. I thought about the nests but it seems that the tractor is always in the workshop so the cabin is clean! I believe that ???? I have complained to the JD dealer and are going to come and review it for free!

See what happens. I have two other JD (4850 and 7400) tractors and have been excellent. I have quoted an NH 8670 with 2000 hours and want $ 60,000. Maybe it’s cheaper to fix my 7800. Thanks again guys … Stay informed!

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