PNC Programs

Working and Task Group Programs

The PNC mandate, as set forth in its charter, includes the sharing, development, and promotion of the peaceful uses of nuclear technologies among its member organizations. These and other related activities normally occur through working groups and task groups to which member organizations assign appropriately qualified experts. Reports are prepared and distributed to members, and, when appropriate, to Pacific Rim governments.

In addition, working groups are responsible for taking the lead in organizing sessions related to the group’s mandate/topical area at the biennial Pacific Basin Nuclear Conferences, in accordance with the meeting schedule. The working groups also coordinate related task group activities.


PNC Working Group(s) – address generic activities of on-going interest to members, as assigned by the Council. The President, on advice of the Council, per the PNC charter, will appointed working groups from time-to-time. The topics and related scope of activities to be considered for working groups should be directed primarily to technical issues and should address only technical information and factors that have a bearing on the potential areas of cooperation of the members.

PNC Task Group(s) – task group(s) address specific tasks relating to a given working group’s topical area and should coordinate with its respective working group for reporting and communication purposes. Proposed task group projects must have a defined objective(s), deliverables, and a schedule with completion date(s).

Current PNC Working/Task Groups and completed Task Groups:

  • Public Information & Outreach Working Group;
  • Nuclear Standards Working Group;
  • Radioactive Waste Management Working Group;
  • Advanced Nuclear Power Systems (ANPS) Working Group;
  • Advanced Fuel Cycles Working Group;
  • Nuclear Safety & Regulation Working Group;
  • Task Group on High Level Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management (completed);
  • Task Group on Next Generation Reactors (completed);
  • Task Group on Workshops on Advanced & Next Generation Systems (completed)
  • Task Group on Review of Information & Education in Nuclear Science & Technology (completed);
Latest report of the Working and Task Groups.
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