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The Pacific Nuclear Council was born of a need for the professional societies and associations around the Pacific Rim to get together in common programs, to work together on common issues, and to provide a forum for the transfer of information from those nations which were more advanced in nuclear science to those which had begun the search for the benefits of nuclear science and technology.

The first step was to organize a conference -- the American Nuclear Society did this to provide the first Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in Hawaii. In parallel with this and later conferences the Pacific Nuclear Council was born of discussions between the societies of the US, Canada, Japan, Korea and China. There have now been 20 successful Pacific Nuclear Basin Conferences and the 21st is in preparation.

With the resurgence of nuclear power around the globe in the second millennium the Pacific Nuclear Council is a major contributor.

See Programs for immediate Workshops and Current events.

See Meetings for a list of the current meetings and details of what happened at past meetings as well as notices for current meetings.

See PBNC for all the details of the next PBNC Conference and see Photographs for images from the last gathering

See Publications for Papers and Policy Statements. In particular see the latest Members' Statement on the Effects of Low Level Radiation.

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