PNC Objectives

The Objectives of the PNC are to:
1. Promote the sharing of the peaceful uses of nuclear technologies among members
2. Identify nuclear-related topics of interest warranting consideration by the PNC members. Topics to be pursued will reflect the particular interests and concerns of the PNC members.
3. Provide a strong voice as an internationally recognized, regional, non-government organization (NGO) at important regional and international forums
4. Conduct studies on topics and issues of importance to the members, by specific workshops and working groups; take action within the authority of the Council to publicize, promote and implement results of the studies.
5. Promote safe and environmentally sound nuclear technologies to serve the energy and other needs of the region.
6. Cooperate actively with other regional and international organizations in the sharing of the peaceful applications of nuclear technologies.
7.  Sanction periodic Pacific Basin Nuclear Conferences that are sponsored by Professional Association members and that are normally held in a Council member country every two years.
8. Develop appropriate policies and procedures for the conduct of approved activities.