Meetings of the Pacific Nuclear Council are usually held in conjunction with major nuclear conferences: principally, the Council's own Pacific Basin Nuclear Conferences (PBNC), meetings of the Korean and Japanese Atomic Industrial Fora and meetings of the Canadian or American Nuclear Societies.

The following links provide access to pdf files of the minutes of meetings from Seoul, South Korea, in 1998 onwards. The CURRENT ACTION LIST is changed after each meeting.


April, 2017
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Working Groups - Positions in Spring 2015


Seoul, South Korea, December 1998

Sendai, Japan, April 1999

Long Beach, USA, November 1999.

Tokyo, Japan, April 2000

Seoul, South Korea, October 2000

Milwaukee,USA, June 2001

Reno, USA, November 2001

Tokyo, Japan, April 2002

Shenzen, China, October 2002

New Orleans, USA, November 2003

Honolulu, USA, March 2004

Washington, USA, November 2004

Seoul, Korea, May 2005

Tsukuba, Japan, October 2005

Toronto, Canada. June 2006

Sydney, Australia, October 2006

Boston, USA, June 2007

Washington, USA, November 2007

Seoul, South Korea, April 2008

Aomori, Japan, October 2008

Seoul, South Korea, April 2009

Washington, USA, November 2009 and attachments

Matsue-city, Japan , April 2010

Cancun, Mexico, October 2010 and attachment (Suh) and attachment (PNBC proposal)

Hollywood, Florida, USA, June 2011

Washington, USA, October 2011

Busan, Republic of Korea, March 2012

San Diego, USA, November 2012

Tokyo, Japan, April 2013

Washington, USA, November 2013

Busan, Republic of Korea, April 2014

PBNC Ad Hoc meeting, Reno, June 2014

Vancouver, Canada, August 2014

Anaheim, California, November 2014

Beijing, China, April 2015

Washington, USA, November 2015

Beijing, China, April 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 2016